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Butterfly dress monvel

Butterfly dress monvel

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The DROTTNINGHOLM COLLECTION, based on the exhibition maxjenny! - The Queen of Prints at Drottningholm Slottsteater. 
Drottningholms Slottsteater is over 250 years old and has a unique collection of decor and interiors from the 1700s. It is this imagery on which Maxjenny has based her collection, which will comprise many unique prints and creations.

The rumour says that the King Gustav the III’s, at that time, best male actor, Jacques-Marie Boutet de Monvel wanted to go back to France, to Comédie Française, where he actually had been the leading actor. Dark here in the north, bad food and no culture to talk about. Hello!? Understandable. But he was denied leave! King Gustav was worried about his French star and posted police officers outside Monvel´s home to make sure the actor would not disappear to France, oh la la dramaaa! The story then continues and say that after the summer season of 1786, he finally got the king´s permission to visit Paris-and then he never came back! What a story!
The interpretation here is that he is sat behind bars inside the dollhouse wich actually this theather can be seen as. A huge dollhouse. Or Monvel is looking in on us while he forge his schemes​..​

This dress is called Butterlydress. It is simply one of a kind. 100% amazing with large superfrills on the shoulders, deep decolletage and zipper in the back. 100% amazing. AMAZING!!!

100% Woven viscose

Hand wash or machine wash at 40 degrees

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