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About The Designer

The designer, who is unmatched in terms of imagination and a master of epic proportions, has created a unique concept. Based in Cool Copenhagen, acclaimed Scandinavian designer Maxjenny Forslund is the creative force of maxjenny!, (2018) an exciting, young fashion label, wanting to dress the ballsy female who doesn’t compromise with look, amplifying their personality, choices and lifestyle.

“I want to push the boundaries of women’s dressing norms. I want women to be more daring and unapologetic – to wear looks that demand attention and garner compliments.”

- Maxjenny READ MORE

maxjenny! is dedicated to exclusive printed fashion, colorful handmade prints that truly lifts the energy in the room, that empowers and creates an "everything is possible” feeling for You. Truly for You.

  • wine talk with Maxjenny
  • She grew up with Petrus, Château d'Yquem and Mouton Rothschild and has designed clothes for the Swedish Crown Princess and Madonna. Fashion designer Maxjenny Forslund shares her time between Stockholm and Copenhagen, always looking for the good things in life on the few occasions she is free.We managed to catch her for a chat about wine styles, creativity, snobbery and the importance of being stubborn.

    ¨My clothes should fit a body – their wines should fit a palate."


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