MAKE A STATEMENT whatever you wear.
We strive to amplify your individual creative style, we strive to amplify your self confidence with our bold pieces.
We represent uniqueness, strength and passion.
The designer, who is unmatched in terms of imagination and a master of epic proportions, has created a unique conceptBased in Cool Copenhagen, acclaimed Scandinavian designer Maxjenny Forslund is the creative force of maxjenny!, (2018) an exciting, young fashion label, wanting to dress the ballsy female who doesn’t compromise with look, amplifying their personality, choices and lifestyle.

 “I want to push the boundaries of women’s dressing norms. I want women to be more daring and unapologetic – to wear looks that demand attention and garner compliments.” -Maxjenny 

Maxjenny is a pioneer on the Scandinavian fashion scene within empowered expressive fashion for business and pleasure, adding a well needed dose of color to a region that is mostly known for minimalism and Maxjenny makes clothing that gives you confidence and courage. They’re a strong addition to any basic wardrobe and she wants to show that Scandinavian design can be both colorful, extravagant, luxurious and at the same time durable and functional. 

The colourful womenswear line offers feminine and artistic collections to a growing number of women worldwide and sets the agenda by focusing totally on prints. Our own unique handmade prints, created in-house, are a celebration of craftsmanship and great design.

“I create fashion for the cool woman who can imagine being stopped on the street and complimented on her outfit. Who dares to have a creative style and has a brave approach to life”

Maxjenny is a designer with a constant stream of new ideas and creations. Prints are generic and easy to apply to most materials or products, which enables collaboration across product boundaries.
— Maxjenny Forslund —

"I prefer color before neutrals because I think fashion should be fun and lift your style. A swedish designer who really stands out within colors and patterns is Maxjenny. I'm fond of her design and I always get compliments when wearing something from her wich makes me very happy!"